On 21.12.2022, a general meeting of the Rotary Club Sofia Balkan Family was held. Rotary, Rotaract and Interact 73 and SMG participated in it.

The meeting discussed the successful implementation of the initiatives we had committed to:

  1. Christmas Bazaar to support the only wooden church in Bulgaria – Transfiguration in Borovets
  2. The Buy and Give campaign of Interact Club SMG to the RK Sofia Balkan held in Sofia and distributed in Vidin
  3. Christmas bazaar of Interact Club 73rd to RK Sofia Balkan

The following meetings and initiatives related to the integration of the Interacts and Rotaracts into the family affairs of RK Sofia-Balkan and the creation of an Alumni community were also discussed.

At the meeting, badges were presented to the President of Interact Club SMG – Raya Nineva and the Secretary Teodora Dacheva, as well as the Vice President – Todor Malchev.

We welcomed with the presentation of the Rotary badge and wishes to do good and work for the Rotary family of friend Ozgur Kaya.