On 7.12.2022, at a regular meeting of RK Sofia-Balkan, the club’s General Assembly was held with the following agenda:

  1. Selection of Nominees for 2024-2025
  2. Announcement of the board of 2023-2024 by Elect President of the Republic of Sofia – Balkan – Maria Mircheva.

After voting, the following friends were chosen.

  1. Svetoslav Enezliev for Nominee President for 2024 – 2025
  2. Board of RK Sofia – Balkan – Secretary – Svetlin Enezliev; Vice President – Ivaylo Angelov, Treasurer – Daniel Bezhanski, Master of Ceremonies – Vasil Melnikov, Elect President – Maria Mircheva, Past President – Krasimir Veselinov.

After the meeting RK Sofia – Balkan visited the Dispute of RK Sofia City.