Helping mothers of children with disabilities for Ole Male’s house

Beneficiary: Dear Mother Foundation
Status: In progress
Collected amount: BGN 10,975

More details about the cause
November is here! One of the most cozy and beautiful months, which begins to prepare us for the departure of this year.
Ole Male is a social enterprise established in 2016, which enables mothers of children with disabilities to work and earn from their work in order to be independent and full-fledged individuals.

The initiative started with a small Christmas bazaar and in a very short time developed into dozens of participations in the country and abroad, organizing its own bazaars, attending internal corporate events.

In 2018, the Mother Mila Foundation, behind the Ole Male cause, won first place in the largest competition for social enterprises in Bulgaria – “CHANGE”, organized by the “Reach for change” foundation. The scale of the foundation’s activity many times exceeds the capacity of the small underground room where the employees work and store the mothers’ products. It is necessary to look for a solution to the problem, although the mothers do not have the means. They rely on the help of their partners over the years.

In 2019, Sofia Sofia Municipality and Lozenets Municipality will grant their property to the foundation for free use. The property was received in a catastrophic condition and completely uninhabitable, but the foundation is very happy because this is the first real opportunity to have their own place, as well as to prove that they can improve it in the name of the cause and public interest.

Thanks to their partners such as Rotary Club Sofia – Balkan, they manage to make basic improvements absolutely necessary for the existence and functioning of the building and the cause, as they are completely dependent on this building – a brand new roof to stop constant leaks, and new windows to make it habitable and workable even in the cold months.

Once they have done all this, they are now counting on our help to rebuild the building from the inside together so that it can function in its full capacity as a storage room for the products of mothers of children with disabilities, rooms suitable for volunteering, where everyone he can come and help the employees of the foundation, an office part, which will serve the administration of the whole activity, a training room and basic sanitary conditions.

Together we will help turn this house into the first center of its kind for the exchange of experience, sharing skills, training and ideas between people working in one of the few Bulgarian social enterprises with effective activities and real benefits – as for those for whom it is created for society as a whole.