Rotary Club Sofia-Balkan Takes Leadership Training at PETS & GMS Hissarya 2024

Members of Rotary Club Sofia-Balkan honed their leadership skills at the recent Rotary Presidential Elect Training Seminar (PETS) and Grant Management Seminar (GMS) held in Hissarya, Bulgaria on April 13-14, 2024.

Svetlin Eneziev (President-Elect), Ivaylo Vasilev (Secretary-Elect), and Ivaylo Vasilev (RF Representative) all participated in the informative sessions. They were joined by President Maria Mircheva, Past President Krasimir Veselinov, and their families for a weekend of learning and connection.

A highlight of the event was Krasimir Veselinov’s session on secretary training, where he shared his expertise as the incoming District Secretary 2024-2025. His insights into global information systems proved valuable for both new and experienced club secretaries.

The participants found the training to be highly beneficial, gaining valuable knowledge about their upcoming roles in serving their club and the community. Beyond the educational sessions, the picturesque setting of Hissarya provided a wonderful opportunity for networking and building relationships with fellow Rotary leaders from across the district.

Building on this positive experience, Svetlin and Ivaylo established a strong foundation for collaboration with District Governor-Elect Margarita Bogdanova. As a token of goodwill, Governor-Elect Bogdanova presented District Secretary Veselinov with a tie featuring the year’s logo.

We extend our best wishes to our Rotarian friends who participated in the seminar! We hope they’ll leverage their newfound knowledge and connections to continue driving positive change within their club throughout the coming Rotary year.

P.S. Who doesn’t love a sweet treat after a busy weekend? The group capped off their experience with some delicious ice cream from Kaloyanovo!

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