Interact Club Sofia-Balkan of Sofia High School of Mathematics

Interact Club Sofia-Balkan of Sofia High School of Mathematics was established in 2005. In those 14 years we have implemented many projects – some of which have become tradition and others have managed to improve the overall team dynamics and enrich each member’s experience even as one-time events. Our goal is to achieve acceptance and understanding between all members and improve the interpersonal connection between students and the local community. We aim to become responsible and engaged citizens, ready to enter the social and political scene.

This year our club consists of nearly 40 members, a few of which are seniors this year. Our meetings are held every Thursday at 14.20.

Our board for 2018/2019 is as follows:

President: Tereza Kanova
Vice president: Momchil Dimitrov
Secretary: Lilia Dimitrova
PR: Svilen Kirov
Treasurer: Yoana Pavlova
Ceremony Director: Dimitar Popov

Our elect-board for next year consists of:

President: Evgeny Kayriakov
Vice president: Hristo Chaparov
Secretary: Stanislava Gikova
PR: Tsveta Antova
Treasurer: Eva Kortezova
Ceremony Director: Lyuboslav Panayotov


1. “Buy and donate” and “In remembrance” are the two parts of a project we run every year.

It aims to show the elderly living in small remote villages, that they haven’t been forgotten. During stage one we go to a popular supermarket chain and offer the clients to buy longlasting goods which we will later donate to the less unfortunate and elderly people. The second part is where we actually deliver the donations. It is very emotionally challenging because we experience a whole new world. We interact with the locals, see how they spend their time and the conditions they live in; we feel their hospitality and they share their thoughts and sorrows. They are usually pleasantly surprised that we’ve gone there and found them and we make their day, even their week. This project is eye-opening for most of us, since we have the opportunity to enrich our worldview and provide warmth those people’s lives.

2. “Final destination”

is another one of our annuals. It’s a fun treasure hunt, combining both physical and mental challenges. The concept is as follows – teams of two players have to solve puzzles, which lead them to different locations in Sofia. When they get there they have to complete a challenge and then receive the next puzzle to the next place. The aim is to get to the Final destination as fast as possible. We strive to make it fun for the players, the organization team, and everybody else involved. Actually, for most of our members it’s the favourite experience for the whole Rotarian year.

3. “The Belot tournament”

is a long-standing project we love to begin our school year with. We usually carry it out it in October as a warm-up project since it’s simple to plan and fun to do. We also tend to gain new members from it, since we share our positive energy and show the players what an amazing experience the Interact Club is.

4. “The Christmas market”

is another fun initiative we do each year. Each and every one of our members cooks (usually bakes) something delicious and we sell it to our classmates and teachers. This goes on for about a week and we donate the money to charity. This year we bought baby food and supplies and we visited the “Hope for the little ones” foundation in Knyajevo. This was by far my favourite experience with this project for the last 3 years.

Our club carries out many other projects, concerning not only the school, but also the community of the city we live in. They all cover various purposes and subjects.

We also care deeply for our connections with all the Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs from our family – Sofia-Balkan. For example in February we attended a meeting with the district governor Vesselin Dimitrov. We got to know new Rotaractors we hadn’t met before, strengthen our connections with the other clubs and hear what Mr. Dimitrov had to share with us in person.