Sofia-Balkan Interact Club at the Sofia Mathematical High School (SMG)

Sofia-Balkan Interact Club at the Sofia Mathematical Gymnasium is a club with a thirteen-year history. In continuation of these years, projects were built that have become a tradition and those that, although they were done only once, contributed not only to the unity of the club, but also to the surrounding people who participated in it. Our aim is to achieve continuity both between students with different interests and between students and the rest of society and to learn responsibility and social engagement.

Our club currently has about 90 members, some of whom are seniors this year. Meetings this term are held on Thursdays at 2:20 p.m. at school.

The board for 2018/2019 is as follows:

President: Teresa Kanova
Vice President: Momchil Dimitrov
Secretary: Lilia Dimitrova
PR: Svilen Kirov
Treasurer: Ioana Pavlova
Master of Ceremonies: Dimitar Popov

The board for the 2019/2020 academic year has the following composition:

President: Evgeni Kairyakov
Vice-President: Hristo Chaparov
Secretary: Stanislava Gikova
PR: Tsveta Antova
Treasurer: Eva Kortezova
Master of Ceremonies: Luboslav Panayotov

The board for 2020/2021 is as follows:

President: Eva Cortezva
Vice President: Valentin Tachev
Secretary: Teodora Germanova
PR: Tsveta Antova
Treasurer: Viktor Koychev
Master of Ceremonies: Luboslav Panayotov

The board for 2021/2022 has the following composition:

President: Bilyana Dimitrova
Vice President: Raya Nineva
Secretary: Polly Dimieva
PR: Kalina Kostova
Treasurer: Viktor Koychev
Master of Ceremonies: Mira Zikolova

The board for 2022/2023 has the following composition:

President: Raya Nineva
Vice President: Teodor Malchev
Secretary: Polly Dimitrova
PR: Victoria Bacheva
Treasurer: Nikola Krastev
Master of Ceremonies: Petar Nedyalkov

The elect-board for the 2023/2024 academic year consists of:

Vice President:
Master of Ceremonies:


1. “Buy and give” and “Let’s remember them” go in the “traditional” column

This project aims to show disadvantaged people living in sparsely populated villages in Bulgaria that they are not forgotten, hence its name. The first stage of the project is called “Buy and donate”. Through it, club members are connected to a large chain of grocery stores where they can go to collect a sufficient amount of donations in the form of essential food items. The second part – “Let’s remember them” is the most emotional, because then the young people go to donate the products. By doing this, they talk to people, see first-hand their living conditions, touch typical Bulgarian hospitality and diversify their daily life. This project leaves an impression on the participants, because in this way the young people enrich their view of the surrounding world, touching an alternative world and warm the elderly people from the depopulating village.

Buy and donate 2019/2020

Buy and donate 2021/2022

2. “Final Destination”

is another annual project of the club, which consists in creating an invented route around Sofia, through which the participants can pass, solving riddles that lead to the next destination, while completing challenges at the destinations themselves. The goal is to be the fastest to reach the final destination first and win a prize. This is one of the fresh projects of the club which brings a lot of fun to the school atmosphere, the organizing team and everyone involved.

Final Destination 2021

Final Destination 2022

3. “The Belot Tournament”

is a long-term social project that the club organizes at the beginning of the school year. Its purpose is not only to “warm up” the members for the upcoming projects, but also to show how much fun it is to be part of the Interact club and to get more people interested in getting involved.

4. “Christmas Bazaar”

is a project that unites the club and allows every year the collected funds to help a given cause by purchasing necessary donations for it. This year we helped the “Hope for Children” foundation, bought diapers, food and strollers for the babies and visited them.

5. “Day without backpacks and normal clothes for school 2022”

is a project that brings the club together

The club organizes many more projects, both at school and extra-school level, we work with other clubs and institutions with the most diverse orientation.

In addition, the club maintains its ties with Rotaract and the Sofia-Balkan Rotary Club. An example of this is the joint meeting with the District Governor, which helped the members of the three clubs to get to know each other and establish contacts with each other in order to organize joint projects in the future.