Sofia, 25.09.2018г.VIVACOMsupports the first basketball team for people in wheelchairs in Bulgaria – София-БалканVIVACOM Sofia-Balkan. The telecom will provide the financial support for the team for the season 2018-2019.
“We are extremely joyful and grateful that a company such as VIVACOM has agreed to provide the team’s financial support for the next basketball season. We believe that the promotion of sport needs corporate support from companies that recognize the cause, “said Vladislav Simov, manager of the basketball team and vice-president of the Rotary Club Sofia-Balkan.
“We continue to develop our social activities alongside the development of players’ sports skills.”
Team’s maintenance includes players’ logistics due to their complex wheelchair mobility, regular trainings and maintenance of the wheelchairs and gyms where trainings are conducted as well as team of coaches and specialists who take care of players’ condition.

VIVACOM has had strong traditions in supporting various sports over the years. The company has sponsored both professional teams and players, as well as a number of children’s schools and mass activities that promote sports for health.

The Basketball Team Sofia-Balkan Wheelchair Club was established in 2007 by Rotary and Rotaract Club Sofia-Balkan with the support of the Bulgarian Basketball Federation and National Sports Academy. BC Sofia-Balkan is a non-profit organization whose activity is oriented towards providing the necessary specialized wheelchairs, coaches, appropriate hall, medical specialists, as well as all other conditions for the development of the team such as: organizing sports meetings with other teams, participating in and organization of international tournaments and seminars.
The aim of the founders is to promote and develop the sport in Bulgaria, as well as to help create a national team for the Paralympic Games.
The basketball team holds regular training every Tuesday and Thursday at 20:00 in the adapted wheelchair hall at the National Stadium “Vasil Levski”.