Rotary Club Sofia – Balkan donated to 73 SU “Vladislav Gramatik” air purifiers for the classrooms of first graders.

On December 8, Rotary Club Sofia – Balkan provided a donation of air purifiers to 73 SU. They were accepted by the school management and will be used in the first-graders’ classrooms.

“We thank our partners and friends from Rotary Club Sofia – Balkans for their help in this important moment for our community. This donation comes just in time and is a great compliment for us, said the director of the Second German High School – Ivan Petkov.

The purifiers were purchased with funds provided by the Rotary Club Sofia – Balkans, and a discount was agreed, which is valid for future similar initiatives of the club, which intends to make its project traditional and sustainable over time.

We, the Rotarians from Sofia – Balkans, believe that together we will deal with this situation, and even standing at home, we do not stop working for the good of society.

Rotary Club Sofia – Balkan responds to the challenges by holding its meetings remotely during the state of emergency in the country.