Rotary Club Sofia-Balkan twinned with RK Pirot and celebrated the feast of the Great Mother of God (in the old style) in the town of Pirot.

On that day, the governor of district 2483, Nikola Bozic, visited the meeting for the twinning of the clubs from Bulgaria and Serbia.

The District Governor of District 2482 Violina Kostova sent a congratulatory address and wished for many successful joint projects and shared long-term Rotarian friendship.

In addition, at this ceremony, new members were accepted to Jivana Popovich in Satellite Club Luzhnica – the badge was presented by DG Bozic and Nemanja Panich in RK Pirot, and the badge was presented to him by Ani Hristova, representative of the District Team from Bulgaria.

The event was a wonderful gathering, a great atmosphere and an unforgettable evening among friends.

We thank the many friends who attended the meeting – members of RK Sofia-Balkan, members of RK Pirot.

Rotary clubs from Bulgaria: Sofia – Balkan, Sofia – Vitosha, Berkovitsa, Sofia – International, Sofia – Center, Sofia – Tangra and Botevgrad

Representatives of satellite clubs Luznica and Remiziana, as well as Rotary clubs from Serbia: Zaičar, Niš – Center, Niš – Constantine the Great, and district officers DG Nikola Božić and ADG Saša Milutinović, who showed honor and increased the celebration of the fraternization of Rotary friends and Glory of Pirot  with his arrival.

Let’s move forward with even more energy for new victories!

Bless you Rotarians and your families and together let’s reinvent Rotary this year – *REDISCOVER ROTARY*