The summer program of RK Sofia-Balkan for meetings with friends

20.07 – Friendly visit to Milcho Borov’s house

05.08 – Outing with friends organized by Zhechko Balabanov and Alex Griliches on Beli Iskar and visit to the Jazz Festival in Borovets

11-12-13.08 – Visit to the “Nishville” Jazz Festival in Niš and a meeting with twinned friends and sponsors with the Niš Center and the other clubs of friends in Niš

27.08 – Fellowship with friends in Pirot

…Date pending…. Meeting with friends in the village of Madjare with the kind host Ivaylo Angelov

—Date expected… Visit to Svilengrad and meeting with friends from RK Svilengrad – Svetlin Enezliev and his wife Katerina

20.07.2022 – We made a friendly visit to the house of doyenne Milcho Borov at his invitation

The garden beautifully and stylishly maintained by the best gardener in Sofia, welcomed our friends with perfect weather and grass that everyone wants to walk on while the grasses caress their feet.

The kind hosts had prepared culinary delights worthy of the most refined taste and satisfying the palates of those present with divine flavors

We also had guests – friends from RK Vitosha in the person of PADG Evgeni Makaveev, Rotaractors, as well as new friends

Ice drinks were drawn from the deep well and the pleasure of talking with friends and exchanging ideas continued late into the evening.

With Friends is BEST

On 6.8.2022 we gathered at the invitation of Zhechko Balabanov – member of RK Balkan and ADG for 2021-2023

More than 25 people joined with their families and friends from the Sofia-Balkan club

Near the beautiful Rila mountain and near Beli Iskar in the picturesque area around the river, we gathered for a sweet story, cold drinks, delicious homemade food, appetizers, a roaring fire and an incredible mood. Next to us, the children were running everywhere and carrying out their plans and constructions.

Our new friends were welcomed and shared with us new technologies and future plans.

After a 10-hour inspiring rest, a short rain saw us off to the Jazz Fest in Borovets, where tired heroes listened to music and fell asleep, shaking off their daily thoughts.

NISVILLE (Nishville) – close encounters with NISHKI friends

Great music, beautiful views, great friends from RK Nis – Center (Sardjan and Goiko) and RK Nis – Constantine the Great (Snejana and Zoran)

An incredible experience found new friends and strengthened current ones with ideas for common cooperation and Bulgarian-Serbian projects

Snezhana from RK Nis – Constantine the Great – also told a little about herself:

2022-2023 President, 2018 Club Member

Pediatrician, mother of two children

As The most famous traditional action of the club is the “New Niš Elite”, which is organized in May. This is the awarding of one-time scholarships to high school graduates from Niš, who won the first places in the District competitions. Admiring every support of the event.

The friends from RC Nis – Center: Sarjan and Gojko invited us to a meeting in February in Nis on the 15th anniversary of the Chartering of RC Nis-Center, of which RC Sofia-Balkan is also a sponsor

Gojko Mitrović has been a member of the Niš-Center Rotary Club since the club was founded. Participant in the chartering of the club and was at the 4th strange meeting with RK Sofia-Balkan, RK Nis-Center, RK Krushevac, RK Trikala.

In the first year he was vice president of the club, and now he is president for 2022/23. Economist by education, worked for more than 40 years, mostly in the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia in responsible positions (Director of the branch in Niš, two terms, inspector and head of internal control for South and East Serbia, etc.). He is recently retired, father of two children and proud grandfather of two grandchildren.

Rotary Club Niš-Centre was founded in 2008 and this Rotary year, at the end of February 2023, will mark 15 years of the club’s existence. In the beginning, the club had about 20 members, and now it has 10 members.

During the past period, with its actions, the club tries to help the local community, mainly socially weak groups.

Thus, they have repeatedly provided New Year’s packages to children at the Special School for Children with Developmental Disabilities “Bubanj” in Niš, donated funds to NURDOR (National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer). Together with other clubs, they participated in the campaign to donate drones to all primary schools in Niš, they donated a sterilizer for pacifiers and baby bottles to the Children’s Clinic in Niš. Together with their Rotaract club, they participate in the campaign to buy a mobile baby incubator for the clinical center in Niš and every year together with other clubs they donate to one of the rural primary schools in the vicinity of Niš. They are also proud of a traditional event to award recognition to the best student of the University of Niš, and from 2021 they are awarding recognition to the best student of the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, in memory of Prof. Dr. Milorad Mitkovic, academician, world-renowned orthopedist and professor, otherwise a member of the club, who died suddenly in 2021.

Sarjan is currently the Director of Post Offices in Nis

Nisville – For the 26th year, this International event gathers local and world names in jazz, taking place at the Nisville Fortress. There are over 15 outdoor stages where events and musicians from all over the world are simultaneously taking place. The event was visited by over 100,000 people over the 4 days

Britain’s Guardian newspaper ranked the festival among the ten best jazz festivals in Europe, alongside those in Montreux, Umbria, the North Sea Jazz Festival and others. The music program of this year’s festival includes 110 concerts, in which 660 artists perform on 11 stages. Admission to eight of the eleven stages at the Nashville International Festival is free for patrons.

Twinning of RK Sofia-Balkan and RK Pirot

Friends from RK Sofia-Balkan came to express their congratulations for the “Glory” of the city of Pirot, which is celebrated on the Great Mother of God and is a patron holiday of the city and the club of our friends from RK Pirot -

Friends from several Rotary clubs in Bulgaria visited the event, Thank you to the Rotarians from,, .org,,, -Rotary Club Sofia- International

As well as to our friends from Serbia – Rotary Club Nis – Constantine the Great,, Rotary Club Zaičar

The meeting was also attended by DG for 2022-2023 – Nikola Bozic and ADG – Sasho Milutinovich

A congratulatory address to the DG Nikola Bozic and to the President of RK Pirot – Dejan Manich – sent the DG of Bulgaria District 2482 – Violina Kostova and wished for many successful joint projects and shared long-term Rotarian friendship.

The event began with a vodovset and a Christian ceremony on the occasion of Glory to the club and the city from Pirot, and a religious ritual was performed with the exchange of a wreath and a cake for health and success.

The twinning ceremony began with a speech by DG Nikola Bozic with wishes for the two clubs and their future projects

The presidents of RK Pirot – Deyan Manich and RK Sofia-Balkan read the words of the certificate of twinning of Bulgarian (Deyan) and Serbian (Krasimir) with which they cemented their brotherhood and put their signatures under the document for future joint projects for the benefit of the people and the avenues of Rotary service.

RK Pirot presented a hand-woven loom with embroidery from the Pirot region

RK Sofia-Balkan presented a filigree carved icon of the Virgin Mary

The two presidents delivered speeches and thanked all participants for their respect and attendance at the event

The hosts from RK Pirot presented all the clubs present at the event with something to remember.

RK Sofia-Balkan presented DG Nikola Bozic with a collector’s value wine from Starosel; to the President of RK Pirot – Dejan Manich – wine from Starosel from the best vintage; to the owner of the Ana Lux Hotel and a friend from RK Pirot – Ana – a bottle of wine from the reserve of the Starosel winery; to my friend Radislav – a bottle of 20-year-old brandy from the village of Dolni Okol and to the Past-President Vladitsa Tošić – a 20-year-old brandy of special production.

Krasimir Veselinov – President of RK Sofia-Balkan for 2022-2023 and Secretary of the club – Maria Mircheva attended the official meeting of RK Pirot with DG Nikola Bozic, at which the goals for the year were set and they wished even more success in the undertakings with which the club helps the community. Guests were also Paul Bernard from RK Botevgrad and Ani Hristova from RK Sofia-International

The district officer Ani Hristova from Rotary Club Sofia-International presented the badge to the new Rotarian – Nemanja Panich in RK Pirot

Ani Hristova greeted RK Sofia-Balkan and RK Pirot with congratulations for their new friendship, as well as presented a Rotary flag to DG Nikola Bozic

The event also had an unofficial part, as on Friday evening a preliminary meeting was held to discuss the ceremony and refine the details and organization, where our friend Rade explained the program.

The trip was “interesting” as the traffic jams on Kalotina were over 9 hours and started from Dragoman, so the friends traveled through Strezimirovtsi. Some of them arrived after 2:30 in the morning and traveled for over 8 hours

For that, coffee in the morning was long and cheerful

And the culinary delights and the wonderful mood raised the degrees and the mood