Active participation in the zonal forum “Peace and Mental Health”

The Peace and Mental Health Forum held in Belgrade brought together Rotarians from different countries to discuss important topics and collaborate to find solutions. The president of the Sofia-Balkan Rotary Club, Maria Mircheva, and the past president, Krasimir Veselinov, presented themselves in a dignified manner at the forum, taking an active part in the discussions and making important contacts.

Meetings with Rotary leaders

Club President Maria Mircheva and Past President Veselinov met with Rotary International President Gordon McInally and DG Aleksandar Radojcic. They exchanged ideas and good practices to strengthen Rotary’s influence in their communities. The meetings strengthened the position of the Sofia-Balkan Rotary Club as an active member of the Rotary community.

Presentation of club projects

During the forum, Maria and Krasi presented the projects of the Sofia-Balkan Rotary Club to the general public. Through information materials and active communication, they popularized the club’s activities and took an active position in the discussions.

Support for the wheelchair basketball team “Sofia-Balkan”

As a highlight of the club’s achievements, they presented the “Sofia-Balkan” wheelchair basketball team. Created and chartered by our Rotary Club, this project is a symbol of the club’s commitment to reaching out to people with physical disabilities. The president and vice president expressed their support for the team and its coaches.

The active participation of the Sofia-Balkan Rotary Club in the zonal forum “Peace and Mental Health” is an example of the club’s commitment to the important topics of today. Through its projects and active position, the club contributes to building a more peaceful and healthy world.